Cannella Media Launches ONTV4U on VIZIO WatchFree+

Cannella Media, DTC Launches ONTV4U on the VIZIO WatchFree+ Platform

Los Angeles, CA – Cannella Media, DTC, a trailblazer in the world of direct-to-consumer advertising, is thrilled to announce the launch of ONTV4U on the VIZIO WatchFree+ platform. This innovative, full-time, transaction-based channel provides viewers with a unique shopping experience from the comfort of their living rooms. ONTV4U boasts a captivating lineup of programming, including product demonstrations, testimonials and engaging storytelling, that brings brands to life. With the convenience of the VIZIO WatchFree+ platform, viewers can seamlessly explore an extensive range of exceptional products, making shopping an integral part of their streaming experience.

For brands and advertisers, ONTV4U’s 24/7 presence on the VIZIO WatchFree+ platform guarantees access to a vast audience, allowing brands to showcase their products and connect with potential customers in a dynamic and immersive manner, driving revenue at any time of the day.

Steven Schachter, SVP of Distribution & Business Development at Cannella Media, DTC, said: “The fragmented media landscape presents challenges for marketers to effectively track and analyze their return on ad spend. ONTV4U offers compelling content that showcases brands through engaging long-form video, enabling brands to tell their stories effectively. And, it gives VIZIO diversification in their content offerings and generates new revenue streams.”

“DIRECTV Advertising is excited to bring together partners like Cannella Media and VIZIO. We have long seen the value in bringing long-form engaging shopping experiences to our DIRECTV viewers and are now working to expand the reach of those experiences to additional platforms like VIZIO,” said Teddy Pritikin, Head of Direct Response Sales at DIRECTV Advertising.

VIZIO WatchFree+ is a premier streaming platform known for its high-quality entertainment content without any subscription fees. It provides users with access to an extensive library of movies, TV shows, news, sports, and now, the innovative ONTV4U channel, for an unparalleled streaming experience. ONTV4U stands out as a channel that not only entertains but also enables viewers to make informed purchase decisions. Viewers can expect riveting product demonstrations, genuine testimonials, and engaging storytelling that delves into the stories behind the showcased products, creating an immersive and informative viewing experience.


About Cannella Media, DTC:

With $5 billion of proprietary marketplace data, Cannella Media DTC builds brands through accountable advertising by connecting marketers directly with target audiences via video, digital and audio advertising.  All channels of distribution are analyzed through Cannella’s proprietary Tribute™ attribution software. Cannella maximizes ROI and lowers cost per acquisition for many of the strongest DTC brands.

About DIRECTV Advertising:

DIRECTV Advertising is a pioneer in the converged addressable space, delivering industry leading audience-based, digital, and innovative media solutions. Employing our decades of experience, we empower advertisers to address and engage their audience at scale while continuously measuring campaign impact against brand goals to unlock insights and optimize future campaigns. 

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