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Threads: Pros and Cons

Threads: Pros and Cons, Part II

Instagram’s Threads offers advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with a highly engaged and targeted audience in a more intimate setting. By weighing the pros and cons, advertisers can make informed decisions when utilizing Instagram’s Threads as part of their marketing strategies.

Threads Pros and Cons

Threads: Pros and Cons, Part I

Threads brings forth a range of benefits not found on its microblogging counterpart. However, before you leap in headfirst, it’s crucial to evaluate if it aligns with your personal or business needs. What are the Threads pros and cons, the considerations you should make before jumping on the bandwagon?


Free TVs, Personal Data & Targeting Possibilities

In 2007, Cannella revolutionized the perspective of EPGs by introducing their Direct Response Listing (DRL™) service. This service replaced the previous “Paid Programming” listings utilized by the infomercial industry with a unique marketing message related to the ad content.

Disney+ and Hulu Logos

Disney+ and Hulu Combine Forces

With the reported Q1 2023 subscriber numbers showing a decline in Disney+ subscriptions, this collaboration aims to revitalize and expand their reach while providing a stronger advertising platform.