RVTV: the Premier Recreational Vehicle Lifestyle Video Channel

Cannella Media, DTC is excited to announce the launch of RVTV, a groundbreaking video channel dedicated to the RV (recreational vehicle) lifestyle and travel themed programming. RVTV is the premium video destination for RV enthusiasts, offering an exciting lineup of programming that includes reviews, travel destinations, product showcases, new RV comparisons, concepts, manufacturing insights, even RV demolition derby, movies, and more.

RVTV takes center stage as the go-to platform for RV aficionados, providing captivating content. Audiences can access RVTV for free on over 65 broadcast channels across the United States. In the coming months, RVTV will be launching on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and expanding its reach to additional markets and popular streaming platforms.

“The evolving media landscape presents challenges for RV brands to effectively engage audiences through traditional advertising methods,” says Steven Schachter, SVP of Distribution & Business Development at Cannella Media, DTC. “RVTV offers a compelling outlet to showcase RV brands and destinations through longer-form video content. This exclusive storytelling platform currently caters to broadcast markets, reaching over 49 million TV households, within the RV and camping ecosystem.”

“The channel is going to feature so much RV related content: hacks and tips, RV resorts, campground reviews and the latest RV models plus RV industry news and so much more,” say Tom and Cheri of EnjoyTheJourney.Life, featured channel content creators, whose popular YouTube channel has 198K subscribers. “Can you imagine, an RV TV network? How cool is that!”

Other content creators include RVBlogger, National Indoor RV Center, RV Miles, Bean Trailers, National RV Training Academy, RV Life, ROA Off Road, plus more.

With the media landscape experiencing unprecedented disruption, advertisers are rethinking how they convey their messages to the public as fragmented and scattered :30 ad units don’t do as much to promote their offerings. RVTV provides a viewing destination and platform that enables RV brands to tell their stories with engaging content. And, who doesn’t love a good story.

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