Cannella Media Expands Reach of RVTV, the Premier Recreational Vehicle Video Channel, on ROKU


Los Angeles, September 14 – Cannella Media DTC is thrilled to announce RVTV (Recreational Vehicle TV) is now available for streaming on ROKU, one of the world’s leading streaming platforms.

In addition to its presence on over 60 broadcast stations, RVTV’s availability on ROKU ensures that users of ROKU devices and ROKU TV’s can now access this premium RV content at their convenience. This strategic move aligns with RVTV’s continued efforts to expand into additional broadcast markets and diversify its presence on leading streaming platforms.

As of the first quarter of 2023, ROKU boasts an impressive 71.6 million active accounts worldwide. This provides an excellent opportunity for RVTV to connect with a global audience of RV enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

“ROKU is our first foray into free streaming, and we are looking forward to continued growth with a goal to bring RVTV to every household in the US,” said Steven Schachter, SVP of Distribution & Business Development at Cannella. “In the era of media fragmentation, we are strategically expanding RVTV’s presence across all distribution platforms, ensuring it reaches audiences far and wide.”

RVTV offers a diverse range of programming catering to the passionate RV community, including in-depth RV reviews, captivating travel destinations, a showcase of RV-related products, head-to-head RV model comparisons, behind-the-scenes looks at RV manufacturing, exhilarating demolition derbies, and even RV-themed movies. Featuring leading influencers such as  RVBlogger, National Indoor RV Center, RV Miles, Bean Trailers, National RV Training Academy, RV Life, and ROA Off Road. RVTV truly takes center stage as the go-to platform. This expansion onto ROKU marks a significant step forward for RVTV in reaching a broader audience of RV enthusiasts.

About RVTV:

RVTV is a captivating channel dedicated to exploring the exciting world of recreational vehicles. Offering a unique blend of informative and entertaining programming, RVTV takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the heart of the RV lifestyle. From expert reviews of the latest RV models and insider tips on maintenance and upgrades to breathtaking travel documentaries showcasing awe-inspiring destinations and the joy of hitting the open road, RVTV immerses audiences in the vibrant and adventurous culture of RVing. Cannella Media DTC, the leading direct-to-consumer performance based marketing and media agency, created RVTV to provide consumers with compelling programming combined with top direct-to-consumer brands.

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